The idea for Spain Travel Hub was born from late-night wine-aided conversations between travel writers who despaired of finding travel planning articles containing quality content, quality writing, and up-to-the-minute local information.

Spain Travel Hub is a part of the Travel Hub Media Group, founded by an anthropologist and award-winning writer Monique Skidmore and an Expert Travel Media writer and publisher Paula Morgan.

Monique Skidmore is a cultural anthropologist who has conducted deep immersive fieldwork in several countries and has lived and worked in many countries.

She is an award-winning writer who speaks, reads, and writes Spanish and spends many months every year in Europe. She has an endless fascination for Travel, culture, history, food, and archaeology.

Monique’s writing has been featured on some of the world’s biggest travel and news sites including Newsweek, Time, CNN, BBC, ABC, PBS, and Green Global Travel. You can read more about Monique on Wikipedia and see her books and news interviews here.

Paula Morgan is an experienced digital publisher and owner of several destination websites that since 2011 have been published under the Expert Travel Media and Travel Hub Media brands.

She is a member of the Australian Travel Writer’s Association and has qualifications in internet communications and travel and tourism.

Paula travels with her Spanish-speaking husband, Charles, and for many years now has been a regular slow traveler in Spain. Her favorite Spanish memory so far is celebrating her 50th birthday at Spain’s oldest restaurant.

We love Spain and we are supported by a team of local writers from all over the country so that you can be sure you are getting up-to-date information about what’s happening in this diverse country.

On Spain Travel Hub you can

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