Seville Travel Guide

Once the mightiest Moorish city in Spain, Seville is a beautiful and intriguing city that has to be on any Spanish itinerary of more than 5 days. It is most beautiful in Spring and it holds its fiestas at this time. Seville has three World Heritage Sites, the Seville Cathedral, the Alcázar Palace, and the … Read more

San Sebastián Travel Guide

The gem of the Basque region, San Sebastián lies on the stunning bay of Bahia de la Concha and is a retreat for wealthy Spanish. Beaches, food and nightlife are the main attractions of San Sebastián, which is called Donostia in the Basque language. The town is a haven for Spaniards who don’t want to … Read more

Córdoba Spain Travel Guide

Europe’s premier city for 200 years, Córdoba’s old town is a feast of Islamic architecture. It’s not frenetic or crowded, and its most important building is the must-see La Mezquita. The name “Cordoba” comes from the Latin word “Corona” which means crown or circle. From its building in the 8th century, the Mezquita by the … Read more